A companion to help you get better

Health Storylines means you are no longer alone on your journey towards better health. Our team, the app, and your own personal circle of support can join you, sharing the ups and downs, and ultimately guiding you to getting better together in ways that go beyond a new medication or symptom control.

We believe that “health” is more than just what is documented in your medical record - it is how you feel, and the extent to which you’re able to live your life the way you desire. We want the science of medicine to support you, not be a barrier to living your best life, and we are here to help you capture the right data to improve your self-knowledge so that your healthcare team can treat you better too.

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What does it mean to be “a patient”?

You or a loved one may be struggling on your journey to health. Perhaps you’ve been managing a chronic condition for some time, or maybe you have new symptoms that you’re trying to make sense of.

Health Storylines is a tool that has the potential to help you navigate this new role of “patient” that you have had to take on despite having no guidance or instruction on what it means to be “a patient”, or how to get the healthcare system to work in your interest.

Where does your doctor fit in?

Your doctors role is to help you, but the healthcare system does not always make it easy for them to do so, despite their best intentions.

Starting with their training, their focus on the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses often means that their ability to help you reach a healthy state that captures your personal, lifestyle and family goals in a holistic way is limited.

You can help them by speaking their language - by sharing data that you generate about yourself over time to help them see the full picture of how you are managing your health and where you can use more support.

Health Storylines - A digital health companion

Health Storylines is a tool that will enable you to keep track of the information about yourself that the healthcare system can use to treat you better. We build tools based on principles of health psychology and the science of behavior change to support your personal health experiences and the steps you take to improve your health.

The app can also connect you to resources like patient advocacy groups, helpful educational materials built for a patient’s perspective, researchers, fellow patients, and clinical trials to connect your personal experience with the broader health ecosystem so that your data and perspective can not only improve for your own benefit, but can also contribute to the development of new treatments and treatment pathways for others who may be sharing similar struggles.