Our Commitment to Patients

Patients come first at Self Care Catalysts. It has been our purpose since the beginning. It was never an afterthought.

We built our business and our Health Storylines platform with patients in mind, first and foremost. We intimately understand their journey, their experiences, their struggles and the moments that inspire them. We see the people they are, before the experiences that make them patients, and our goal has been to walk with them on their journey.

In the clinical research world we have moved rapidly to decentralized trials and virtual real-world data collection by operationalizing cutting edge technology platforms and Apps to support data collection.

We have turned the market upside down.

From our humble beginnings as a healthcare research company first  supported by a technology platform second, we are steadfastly focused on helping to make the world a better place for participants, patients, caregivers and families.  And of course, helping our biotech and pharmaceutical partners bring new medicines to market  through direct patient access to support clinical trials and real world data.

When people struggle with illness, it is transformative in many ways. 

We know that no one prepares to become a patient. The transition can take us to a dark place, outside of our comfort zones. It can push us closer to faith, nudge us closer to science, and introduce us to new communities as we seek to understand our everyday experiences. Over time, the path gets brighter as we learn more about ourselves while navigating new decisions that must be made, values that must be clearly identified, and people who must be engaged in new ways. 

Self Care Catalysts knows that the journey towards health is not a solo path.

We help remove barriers for patients by giving them a safe space where they can take back control and better understand their condition.

We help them feel more optimistic about their journey because they are enabled to be more accountable to their peers and support teams.

We act as their guide during moments when they need to be reminded of their often complex treatment regimen.

We make them recognize that they are getting better, even in baby steps.

We transform the patient experience into a quest for all.

For patients. For loved ones. For scientists. For doctors. Even for insurance providers and regulatory bodies who assess the safety of medications developed to keep us safe and heal us. Our goal is to make patients feel better by illuminating the path of all those who journey alongside them with evidence of the millions of health journeys that are being undertaken around them - beyond laboratories, clinics and hospitals. The light comes from the conversations held with caregivers, the fears disclosed in journals or among fellow patients, and the medical records dating back before “the diagnosis that changed everything”.

We empower patients by giving them the environment and tools to ease the journey towards feeling better and shine their light on the challenges they face on their path. 

At Self Care Catalysts, we aim to give comfort and care to patients first and to gather evidence in its many forms and help the many stakeholders to understand them more intimately, in real world, real time. When patients share their experiences, we enable them to monitor, measure, and communicate their experience to help inform themselves and the people who care for them.

We help them make sense of their journey through meaningful data that they own and control.

Patients are empowered to choose to donate or share their data for good cause, whether it is for clinical research, to inform policy makers, to seek help from their care providers with holistic data for better treatment planning or simply for themselves, to gain that peace of mind.