Health Storylines is a disease-agnostic and customizable platform that connects healthcare stakeholders to engaged patients, and the data they require to make informed decisions.

By improving the flow of information throughout the healthcare ecosystem, it facilitates each stakeholder in achieving their objectives, ranging from improved outcomes, streamlined operations, reduced costs and collecting high quality data for decision-making.

By centering the patient in the research and care process, unique and novel data related to comorbidities and health-related quality of life offer insight beyond disease-specific approaches that often target the requirements of only one stakeholder. 

The platform enables real world, real-time, longitudinal data collection and patient support through the interaction between the Health Storylines patient-facing mobile app, and practitioner-facing Health Storylines Creator.

Health Storylines supports both research and care delivery, through the incorporation of customizable self-care tools, EDC, eCRF, eCOA, ePRO, patient experience and preference data collection tools, and passively collected data synced from wearable devices.

Virtual health/telehealth capabilities can be used to follow up with research participants, or treat patients remotely in conjunction with real-time remote monitoring. It also supports study set up, scheduling, monitoring and communications.

EDC with edit-check functionality


eConsent module

Device and medical record integration

Customizable quantitative tracking tools

Customizable qualitative data collection tools

Privacy & regulatory compliance

Programmable alerts for various stakeholders (Pharmacovigilance, patient, study coordinator)

Integration with Hyper-Wallet for patient reimbursement

Multi-language support

Audit log

Security provisions (define access level for various users)

Customizable reports: aggregated & sponsor-level reports

Outbound calling for follow up or telehealth

Desktop/tablet support for patients and research administrators

The data generated through the platform can be used to understand individual patient journeys, as well as achieve cohort level insights based on the Health Storylines Analytics dashboard that visualizes aggregated and de-identified data in real-time.

Patient Experience & Engagement

Taking on the patient journey can be a daunting experience, and it has been shown that technology alone cannot improve healthcare. To truly unlock the power of digital and virtual health, the vast network of people who touch the patient journey must be activated to play a supporting role, to help answer the questions that define the patient experience that remains largely hidden from the view of traditional research and care. 

What does the patient think and feel?

What does the patient hear from others?

What does the patient experience?

What does the patient say or do?

Self Care Catalysts’ approach to engagement leverages the power of human interaction and the science of psychology and human behavior to provide empathy and evidence-based support for patients as they navigate their journey. 

Part of our proprietary patient engagement framework is the Self Care Movement (SC MVMT). This initiative connects patients to community and resources that allows them to both benefit from, and contribute to a movement of empowered patients advancing the science and standard of care related to their condition(s). At the heart of our engagement activities and the SC MVMT is a holistic view of health, facilitated by humanistic and empathic interactions.

The integration of SCC’s Health Storylines platform with our approach to engagement can support patient recruitment, improve the delivery of care, generate novel types of real-world evidence, enhance data quality.

The platform is compliant with all critical privacy and security guidelines mandated in healthcare such as HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR.