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How are you including patients in product lifecycle management, from clinical development, pre-commercialization and post-authorization?

Your organization does important work bringing life-changing medicines to market, developing new treatments, and innovating in ways to improve patients' lives.

As patients take more ownership of their health, it has become more essential than ever to understand how patients think, feel, and act in real-time, above and beyond the impact of their health conditions or medicines they take. 

By bringing the patient into the process earlier in the product development process, we facilitate the opportunity to achieve your business goals by streamlining clinical operations, accelerating time to insight and reducing costs.

Our unique approach to Real World Evidence

The real world behavioral data generated by empowered patients can unite healthcare stakeholders from life science industry professionals to patient advocacy groups in a shared goal of improving the lives and experiences of patients so that they feel less like patients, and more like the people they aspire to be.

We achieve this by listening to patients, supporting their journey through education and behavior modification, enabling patient-centered research, and sharing our rich findings with industry to enable drug discovery, commercialization, precision medicine, and the delivery of support programs that truly meet patients' needs.

More than a digital health solution, we put patients at the intersection of human networks, technology and science with personalized and empathy-focused support, enabled by a customizable care and research platform that generates a comprehensive data set that offers insight into the nuanced real world of the patient experience.

The range of capabilities of the Health Storylines Platform

Whether the patient-generated RWE captured through the Health Storylines platform is providing deeper insight into the natural history of disease, accelerating and streamlining patient recruitment, improving data quality and patient centricity by building and learning from a community of engaged patients, we’re putting supporting patients’ needs and helping to achieve your business goals. 

Natural history studies

Social Listening to inform endpoint selection, protocol development and research operations

ePRO and observational research to support clinical development and HEOR

Clinical trial data collection that incorporates patient reported data

Integration of external devices and medical records

Patient Journey research

Qualitative data collection for marketing and commercialization

Patient support programs in collaboration with patient advocacy organizations

Care monitoring facilitation, including telehealth, to gain access to the physician’s perspective

Real-time insight into the experiences of patients beyond the condition of interest

Bi-directional communication with patients to support and empower them in self-care and treatment decision making

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