Health Care Providers

Could your organization do more to meet the needs of the whole patient in a holistic way?

It may be widely known that healthcare is complex, but you are on the frontlines of care, coping with the complexity of caring for a diverse patient population that is impacted by health disparities linked to social determinants of health, chronic conditions, limited access to clinical trials as a care option, and legacy technology systems.

The Health Storylines platform can help bring you closer to your patients, while opening access to new ways to fund your important work.

Leverage digital remote monitoring and telehealth capabilities to connect with patients asynchronously and outside face-to-face settings, making it easier for patients with transportation, economic and scheduling barriers to receive care, while opening access to new CPT codes for reimbursement.

Involve patients’ personal circle of support to provide oversight, accountability and encouragement in their practice of self-care

Facilitate access to existing community resources and external health supporters such as coaches, advocates, social workers, etc. to personalize the experience of care

Conduct research and care quality initiatives to improve patient satisfaction and the delivery of services.

Deliver and measure the impact of community-driven programs that address mental, behavioural and psychosocial impacts on health and access to care

Deliver programming that can be virtually administered and monitored to support patient health outcomes and identify interactions that lead to improved health

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