About Self Care Catalysts & Health Storylines Platform

The Challenge

Science and medicine's roles are centered on diagnosis and treatment, often confined to the clinical setting, while the patient journey continues to unfold in homes, in the workplace and communities. With the ecosystem's goal to improve healthcare outcomes, reduce cost of care delivery, accelerate drug development, generate evidence for regulatory and commercial purposes, the need to understand and interact with the patient holistically and longitudinally becomes more compelling.

Our Solution

Our Health Storylines Platform is a trusted companion for patients throughout their journey, generating real world evidence along the way. We empower patients to own their role as health consumers, equipping members of the healthcare ecosystem with insight into the real life experiences that drive health outcomes, and facilitating relationships with the partners who will help achieve their goals.

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When you know the whole story, it's easier to treat the whole patient.

Patients’ Interests Must Come First

Patient Privacy
Trust is at the core of our relationship with patients. They own and have full control of their data, they can keep it for themselves or may elect to  share, donate or be compensated to drive research, better disease interventions, treatment planning or drug development. Patients believe that data, when shared with a purpose, anonymously, in an aggregated format could inform healthcare stakeholders, public health policy, their peers and care partners to improve patient care and outcomes.

Bring Science and Community Together in Partnership and Alignment
As it is important for the community to recognize the value and impact of scientific pursuits and rigour, so too must Science and Medicine acknowledge that there are limitations to traditional approaches. The power is the fusion of science and the real world experiences from the community.

Discover and Share
There are many ways to get better and to manage diseases which can potentially be further explored - tried, tested and validated. The Real World is where actual experiences of patients are practiced and much can be learned from each patient’s experiences in terms of different approaches to diagnosis, intervention, prevention and treatments.

Embrace Neutrality
Healthcare has many competing interests that have traditionally become the source of dissatisfaction and frustration from patients and other stakeholders, high costs of care, sub-optimal care, treatments that do not work for the majority, and patients denied appropriate care and more. The patients themselves are the neutral force to help stakeholders set aside their competing interests and unite around care, improved outcomes and better quality of life for all.

Self Care But Let’s Act TOGETHER!
Healthcare has been mired with disjointed steps that sometimes end up being expensive, time consuming and provide sub-optimal outcomes to patients. It is time for the community to try, test and validate bold, courageous ideas in preventing illness , promoting better care and finding cures.

Meet the team

Grace Castillo-Soyao
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

"Health happens in the community; it demands self accountability as well as a team of advocates who generously share responsibilities. We can't be alone in our health journeys."
Nigel Page
Chief of Staff

"Enjoy silence"
Jared Adams
Chief Science Officer
Michael Sgambelluri
Chief Technology Officer
Renee Willmon
Director, Data Science

"“Self Care” doesn’t mean doing everything for yourself, by yourself, it means tapping into the people and resources around you so that you are informed, empowered and supported to make decisions about your health that feel right."
Naina Luthra
Associate Director, Product Management

"I believe in taking care of just not my health which I mainly do by keeping myself physically active, eating clean and using clean and natural products, but also taking equal care of mental well-being as you’re the byproduct of all of these factors."
Ann Chavez
Patient Advocacy & Partnerships

"Love heals"
Andy HJ Chung
Senior Product Experience & Design Manager

"One day at a time"
Ram Soyao
Associate Product Manager

“To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” – William Londen
Hanin Omar
Patient Engagement Manager
Amritha Marimuthu
Associate Manager, Software Engineering

"Eat half, walk double, laugh triple, and love without measure"
Funmi George
Health Research Analyst

“You have to take care of yourself first because if you’re running on empty, you cannot give to others.” – Tisha Campbell
Sara Abdelali
Customer Success Associate Manager

"Health is more than just not being sick. It’s being and feeling well holistically - mind, body, and soul."
Nicole Jardine
Patient Engagement Associate
Carol VanRavenstein
Finance Manager
Cameron Ramsay


Medical & Scientific Advisors
Ethan Basch MD, MSC
Adam Dicker MD, PhD
William Hrushesky MD
Charlie Bennett MD, PhD, MPP
Don Roosan PharmD., PhD
Ilse Treurnicht PhD

Business Advisors
Drew Lanza MSC, MBA
Ryan Pierce MS, MBA
Winnie Wan PhD, MBA
Michael Cloutier
Simon Schurr

Technology Advisors
Michael Archuleta
Pallav Sharda MD, MA, MBA, Medical Informaticist
Marc Lennox
W. "R.P." Raghupathi MBA, LL.M, PhD

Our Experience

We are privileged to work with the best organizations in the health care ecosystem.