About Self Care Catalysts & Health Storylines Platform

The Challenge

Science and medicine's roles are centered on diagnosis and treatment, often confined to the clinical setting, while the patient journey continues to unfold in homes, in the workplace and communities. With the ecosystem's goal to improve healthcare outcomes, reduce cost of care delivery, accelerate drug development, generate evidence for regulatory and commercial purposes, the need to understand and interact with the patient holistically and longitudinally becomes more compelling.

Our Solution

Our Health Storylines Platform is a trusted companion for patients throughout their journey, generating real world evidence along the way. We empower patients to own their role as health consumers, equipping members of the healthcare ecosystem with insight into the real life experiences that drive health outcomes, and facilitating relationships with the partners who will help achieve their goals.

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When you know the whole story, it's easier to treat the whole patient.

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The real world behavioral data generated by empowered patients can unite healthcare stakeholders from life science industry professionals to patient advocacy groups in a shared goal of improving the lives and experiences of patients so that they feel less like patients, and more like the people they aspire to be.

We achieve this by listening to patients, supporting their journey through education and behavior modification, enabling patient-centered research, and sharing our rich findings with industry to enable drug discovery, commercialization, precision medicine, and the delivery of support programs that truly meet patients' needs.