CROs & Scientific Researchers

Does your excellence in research operations address the patient journey?

Delivering value in a digital age

Your organization does much of the heavy lifting conducting research that will help bring life-saving products to market. However, the proliferation of automated tools that bring efficiency to the process and support your work also have the potential to threaten your existence. How is your organization tackling the need for digital transformation?

A trusted RWE and digital partner

We know that technology in isolation will not solve the problems the healthcare industry faces, and that experienced human networks are required for technology to play an effective role. 

Collaboration with Self Care Catalysts can equip your team with digital tools to execute your work while bringing new revenue opportunities through direct-to-patient studies that reduce the burden on sites, and provide access to patients to identify early insights for protocol design and recruitment. 

We work with some of the leading life science industry companies and partner with patient advocacy groups encompassing a wide range of conditions.

How we take your work to the next level

The Health Storylines Platform encompasses a patient-facing data collection tool, integrated engagement frameworks that can include a patient’s circle of support or caregiver network, along with tools that optimize research operations and patient monitoring, including the following features:

EDC with edit-check functionality


eConsent module

Device and medical record integration

Customizable Quantitative tracking tools

Customizable Qualitative data collection tools

Privacy & regulatory compliance

Programmable alerts for various stakeholders (AE, patient, study coordinator)

Integration with Hyper-Wallet for patient reimbursement

Multi-language support

Audit log

Security provisions (define access level for various users)

Customizable reports: aggregated & sponsor-level reports

Telehealth and Virtual Care

Desktop/tablet support for patients and research administrators

Let’s discuss how the Health Storylines platform can bring you closer to patients