Patient Advocacy Organisations

Are you doing everything you can to help patients navigate their journey through advocacy, engagement and research?

Your organization brings visibility to an important health condition, generating awareness, influencing research, and supporting patients, their families and care teams.

Partnering with Self Care Catalysts offers analytics, insights and an effective channel for interaction with your community to take your work to the next level. We can help you empower patients as they navigate the complexity of the healthcare ecosystem, while providing the tools and data to position your organization at the nexus of patients, researchers and industry. 

Self Care Catalysts

Our commitment to understanding patients as people first and experience collaborating with patient advocacy organizations enables us to support individuals at all stages of the patient journey who may be struggling with complex, undiagnosed or multiple conditions.

In addition to customizing digital tools to support the patients and families you serve, we can also facilitate your engagement with academic and industry researchers, increasing access to funding, generating evidence, and delivering education and support programs that improve the lives of patients and the management of their condition(s). We can collaborate with your in-house research team, or help you develop a research and support program.

Our tools and expertise center around patient engagement, specifically recruitment, retention, and relationship building to foster a community of patients, caregivers and healthcare providers who work as a team to help patients get better.

We are sensitive to the needs of diverse patient populations, with experience and strategies to address health disparities experienced by minority populations, social determinants of health, emerging changes or threats such as COVID-19. Our focus on individual patients empowers each person on their health journey, generating rich data on sub-groups and patient characteristics that may need additional support, advocacy, and research attention.

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