Academic Research & Independent Investigators

Your cutting edge research is advancing our understanding of patients’ experiences and informing the standard of care.

Today, innovation means to more deeply understand the lives of your research participants, and connect your findings to the bigger picture in healthcare.

Self Care Catalysts

We can connect you with patient advocacy groups, research sponsors, and digital tools that will take your work to the next level and provide the platform to translate knowledge into direct improvements in patient outcomes, while offering opportunities for trainees to learn valuable digital skills they can carry forward into the workforce.

Whether you are a physician-scientist, pharmacist, health economist, public health administrator, nurse, or connected to another healthcare profession, let’s work together to help patients get better.

Leverage the following Health Storylines platform features, along with our unique patient engagement approach.

EDC with edit-check functionality


eConsent module

Device and medical record integration

Customizable Quantitative tracking tools

Customizable Qualitative data collection tools

Privacy & regulatory compliance

Programmable alerts for various stakeholders (AE, patient, study coordinator)

Integration with Hyper-Wallet for patient reimbursement

Multi-language support

Audit log

Security provisions (define access level for various users)

Customizable reports: aggregated & sponsor-level reports

Telehealth and Virtual Care

Desktop/tablet support for patients and research administrators