Health Failure Health Storylines Selected As One of the Top 4 Heart Failure Apps to Reduce Readmission and Power Self-Management



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Developed in partnership with the Heart Failure Society of America, this app is destined to ensure that patients with heart failure will get the needed functions to keep their health balanced. The most interesting feature is that patients themselves can build the dashboard and clean up the home page from the functions they don’t need. Within the app, patients can choose from the list of following HF management tools:

Additionally, the patient can share the recorded data with their physician, friends and loved ones within their personal circle of support.

Final score: 31 / 40

Outtake. Overall, this application is very useful for patients with heart failure due to rich functionality. Our initial score was 29, and we added two bonus points for a great visualization of trends in vitals and medication intake as well as additional engaging features, such as journal and physical activity. The score could be higher if the app allowed an audio/video chat with the provider and offered an option to automatically send updates on vitals to providers and family members.

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