We are a patient informatics,
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Patients are changing. Are you?

Healthcare consumers and patients are at the forefront of rapid changes in healthcare delivery systems. They are no longer just recipients of care; they are now steering the healthcare environment in new directions we have never witnessed before, with the power to demand better healthcare and the drive to accomplish improved health outcomes. 

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The Patient Mindset

Our deep and intimate understanding of patients’ unique needs and decision making will help drive the development of better patient-centric solutions and strategies.

Analytics and Insights

Data collected on our technology platform is transformed into actionable insights to inform, predict and influence enterprise decisions to drive behaviour change and improve health outcomes.


Patient intelligence and insights fuel action. When patients know the meaning of their health actions and interventions recommended by their healthcare providers, they are motivated and activated.

We shift the power to patients with data and insights.

Introducing Health Storylines

Health Storylines™ enables individuals to track and chronicle their daily health story. The aggregate data is transformed into insights that will inform relevant stakeholders on the real world experiences of patients.

We must move away from a supply-driven healthcare system
organized around what physicians do, and toward a
patient-centered system organized what patients need."
Michael Porter and Thomas Lee
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Access to care and the changing landscape - Nov 7, 2014

With US midterm elections in full swing, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is once again in the spotlight.  With the stated goal of expanding access to care, the Affordable Care Act has reduced the uninsured population by 31% to 11% of adults under 65 1 . Today’s PII explores the science behind ex… Read More

Activating patient-care through effective communication - Oct 28, 2014

This week’s PII focuses on the importance of communication, education and information to help patients engage in self-care and proper disease management. During a patient’s journey there are many opportunities to educate, treat and learn. Determining the best communication method for each patie… Read More

A New Window for Patient Influence: Care Coordination and Communication - Sep 29, 2014

This weeks PII focuses on the importance of continuity and integration of care in managing chronic diseases and conditions. This week’s research articles demonstrate that facilitating collaboration and communication between patients, caregivers and healthcare providers can have a profound impact … Read More

Respecting patients' values: How cultural norms play a role in the patient journey - Sep 11, 2014

Patient-centered care is complex, requiring a synthesis of multiple factors that drive patient decision-making, including sociocultural norms. Physicians often struggle when discussing disease and treatments among diverse patient populations. These cultural concerns influence disease perceptions, o… Read More

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