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Patients are changing. Are you?

Healthcare consumers and patients are at the forefront of rapid changes in healthcare delivery systems. They are no longer just recipients of care; they are now steering the healthcare environment in new directions we have never witnessed before, with the power to demand better healthcare and the drive to accomplish improved health outcomes. 

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The Patient Mindset

Our deep and intimate understanding of patients’ unique needs and decision making will help drive the development of better patient-centric solutions and strategies.

Analytics and Insights

Data collected on our technology platform is transformed into actionable insights to inform, predict and influence enterprise decisions to drive behaviour change and improve health outcomes.


Patient intelligence and insights fuel action. When patients know the meaning of their health actions and interventions recommended by their healthcare providers, they are motivated and activated.

We develop technology-driven health solutions

Introducing Patient Storylines

Patient Storylines™ is a mobile self-care platform that enhances communication within the circle of care, rewards patients for completing health goals, and helps them to make better choices through the use of gamification techniques and easy to understand data visualization.

We must move away from a supply-driven healthcare system
organized around what physicians do, and toward a
patient-centered system organized what patients need."
Michael Porter and Thomas Lee
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Self-Care Decision Making of Patients With Chronic Illnesses - Apr 2, 2014

Patient self-care decision making in chronic illness is a frequent occurrence with the host of diet, exercise, sleep, medication, symptom monitoring, and advice seeking choices a patient makes daily. It is also poorly understood. Finding a means to effectively support chronic illness self-care deci… Read More

mHealth - Hope and Evidence - Mar 6, 2014

Intelligent mobile is now part of the fabric of everyday life. However, healthcare systems burdened by entrenched and politicized interests have been resistant to potential disruption by mHealth solutions that may overlap with existing services. Furthermore, existing pathways to developing an evide… Read More

Going "Beyond The Pill" - Beginning Of An Era - Feb 24, 2014

The "beyond the pill" model evolved out of a changed landscape where pharmas struggle to differentiate their products based on pills alone, payors struggle under the escalating burden of chronic disease management, and activated patients struggle to find support. To address these unmet needs "beyon… Read More

The Complexity Of Patients' Self Care Behaviour - Feb 6, 2014

According to the CDC, one out of every two Americans has a chronic disease, and a quarter of these had at least one limitation to an activity of daily living. As the population ages this number is expected to increase, adding stress to an already overwhelmed healthcare system struggling to satisfy … Read More

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