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Patients are changing. Are you?

Healthcare consumers and patients are at the forefront of rapid changes in healthcare delivery systems. They are no longer just recipients of care; they are now steering the healthcare environment in new directions we have never witnessed before, with the power to demand better healthcare and the drive to accomplish improved health outcomes. 

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The Patient Mindset

Our deep and intimate understanding of patients’ unique needs and decision making will help drive the development of better patient-centric solutions and strategies.

Analytics and Insights

Data collected on our technology platform is transformed into actionable insights to inform, predict and influence enterprise decisions to drive behaviour change and improve health outcomes.


Patient intelligence and insights fuel action. When patients know the meaning of their health actions and interventions recommended by their healthcare providers, they are motivated and activated.

We develop technology-driven health solutions

Introducing Patient Storylines

Patient Storylines™ is a native mobile and web based patient research and solution platform that enables pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations, and patients and their health allies to create customized health apps designed to promote specific health and self-care goals. 

We must move away from a supply-driven healthcare system
organized around what physicians do, and toward a
patient-centered system organized what patients need."
Michael Porter and Thomas Lee
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Healthcare Outside of Healthcare: Alternative Strategies to Enhance Patient Engagement - Jul 15, 2014

The rise of the patient-consumer, and the recognition of the importance of patient self-care, is forcing healthcare organizations to change the way they think about patient engagement. An engaged patient is paramount to population health as individual behaviour drives 90% of health status. It only … Read More

Demystify Patient Experiences Using A Multi-Dimensional Lens - Jun 25, 2014

In 2010, Self Care Catalysts was born with a focus on conversations about patients, medical decision making, and self care. The response from the industry at the time was rather tepid... "patients don't make decisions for their care and treatment". Since then we took it upon ourselves to highlight … Read More

Bridging the gap between knowledge and action: Engaging clinicians and healthcare organizations. - Jun 10, 2014

In the last issue of PII we discussed the disconnect between knowledge and action for the average person. However, that disconnect is just as prevalent among clinicians and healthcare organizations themselves. In fact, McKinsey and Co. claim that clinicians and administrators are the biggest impedi… Read More

Bridging the gap between knowledge and action: Understanding the lack of patient engagement in their own healthcare. - May 15, 2014

Healthy people tend not to think about their health. Unhealthy people too, tend to overestimate their health. Modifiable behaviors account for 22% of healthcare costs,§ yet engaging people in preventive health measures has proven to be difficult and education alone ineffectual. People know they ou… Read More

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