National Jewish Health and SCC

Roughly 9% and 6% of U.S. children and adults struggle with asthma, respectively. Asthma costs tens of billions of dollars annually related to medications, urgent healthcare utilization, missed days of work and early deaths. Due to time limitations and other factors, determining a person’s level of asthma control by one-off office visits is difficult. Equally tough is determining whether medications, after they are prescribed, are actually helpful or simply causing bad side effects. We realize that the current medical system often fails many people in need of help.

Here at National Jewish, we started looking for new and innovative ways to answer these problems and improve the care for our asthma patients. The Self Care Catalysts team of engineers have helped us design a customized platform that interacts with multiple health tracking technologies, enabling us to continually and passively track vital signs, physical activity, medication use, sleep, and nighttime-breathing patterns in our asthma patients. At the same time, they built us a customized smartphone app that looked and performed exactly how we wanted. Our experience with Grace and her team at SCC was outstanding. They went above and beyond to meet with us and make sure the platform and app looked and behaved exactly the way we intended. We look forward to building on our relationship and partnering with them in the future.  

We are now applying machine learning algorithms to the data collected from our patients, and use it to predict asthma exacerbations and measure responses to medications. The platform also allows us to more-quickly enroll patients, deliver educational content, and administer surveys. As mobile technologies grow in importance in our lives, we believe that our app and platform offer an ability to revolutionize and improve the way we practice medicine. Moreover, it is easily scalable to large populations and can be used by policy-makers to better determine the impact of disease.

Written by Brian Modena, NJH

Ram Soyao