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Self Care Catalysts is a patient-centered digital therapeutics, intelligence and analytics company deriving value from patient-centered real world evidence to inform clinical care, product life cycle management and behavior change interventions.



patient community to promote self care behaviors & research participation

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Health Storylines™

personalized health monitoring & information tool

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Health Storylines Creator™

Patient management & communication platform

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Health Storylines Analytics™

real-time patient data intelligence & analytics


Our belief is that when patients are informed, respected, and engaged, they make better choices. Better choices mean better health outcomes. Therefore, it is important that patients’ views are well-represented in healthcare through the generation of real world evidence.

Our mission is to promote self-care behaviors among patients, while enabling patients to contribute their behavioral data to support important research across the product lifecycle, such as drug discovery, precision medicine, and development of support services and programs that are specific to the community. 


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Patients will build and own their health data.

Today, patients are starting to amass their own health information “treasury” due to proliferation of wearable devices and growing interest in understanding who they are - especially when they are sick.

Patients will become more active participants in their case.

The practice of paternalistic medicine has unfortunately relegated the patients to recipients of care. However, as patients gain access to more health and treatment information, they are being equipped to become real advocates of their own health.

Patients will drive the future of health innovation.

The creation of patient-generated health behavior information will spell the difference between solutions created inside the clinical setting and those where patients took an active role in designing the intervention. The empowered patient will provide a more holistic platform to deliver true personalized healthcare.


The Science of Health Experience & Real World Behavior

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Real World Evidence Platform

An integrated solution to tell the full patient story across the product lifecycle


 patient advocacy organization

Work with us, leverage our Real World Evidence platform to build your own customizable app, create, deliver new and fresh content.


clinical researcher

Our Real World Evidence platform enables to recruit rapidly with targeted patient profiles, customize a data collection tool, track and monitor participants in real time, and send automated messages to ensure timely data collection. Contact us for more information.


pharmaceutical / biotech company

Our end-to-end integrated solution enables unlimited access to granular levels of the determinants of quality of life. Interested in conducting your own patient reported outcomes survey, with our access to patients and investigators we offer a more rapid and cost effective way of conducting this type research.


physician, health care provider, hospital & clinic

Our solution can integrate seamlessly into your clinical practice. Use our platform to remotely monitor patients, track adherence, create alerts and deliver customized behavior intervention programs across different patient groups.


Informing Decisions For Better Health





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