The Self Care Movement™

A platform to enable patients to engage in community interaction through the promotion of Self Care behavior activities and enable enterprise patient acquisition, access, interaction, relationship building and engagement to stimulate data collection.

Health Storylines™

A cloud-based personalizable and customizable Digital Health Platform (available for iOS and Android devices) enabling collection, monitoring, integration of other wireless and smart devices, management of patient health behavior data, delivery and validation of patient support and engagement interventions.

health storylines creator™

An enterprise decision-making platform delivering Real World Evidenced derived from aggregated, anonymized data. Based on disease-specific, patient level clinical, medical, labs, genomics and behavior-based, intelligence and analytics.


A healthcare provider, clinical trialist, researcher web-based platform that enables personalization, customization of care coordination, data collection and management.




The Self Care Movement™

  • A community platform enabling patient acquisition, interaction, engagement, and relationship building to stimulate data acquisition.
  • It is founded on two philosophies - promotion of self-care and self-management behaviors, and community interaction where patients with similar diseases are enabled to dolearn, and share.

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Health Storylines™

  • Health Storylines is a customizable digital health app enabling the collection of patient health behavior data, and the delivery and validation of patient support and engagement interventions.
  • It enables patients to track their health, engage in behavior interventions, while contributing their data towards the generation of real world evidence.
  • The suite of Health Storylines apps are available for both iOS and Android on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


health Storylines creator™

  • An enterprise decision-making tool that enables decision makers such as biopharma marketers and market researchers, payers, and healthcare systems to generate disease-specific, patient level data (e.g. clinical, labs, genomics and  behavior data) in aggregated, anonymized format.
  • Helps to inform decision-making in product life-cycle management from drug development, commercialization, post-marketing, and validation of behavior-based interventions.

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Patient Storylines

  • Patient Storylines is a healthcare provider and clinical trialist app that enables personalized care coordination, data collection, monitoring for clinical research and development activities that require patient input and integration of clinical, medical, genomics data.


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