Are you a patient advocacy organization, looking for new ways to conduct clinical and outcomes research, interact and engage with patients?

Work with us, leverage our Real World Evidence platform to build your own customizable app, create, deliver new and fresh content.


    Customer Needs

    • Track their health to be in control and to understand their own journey

    • Access educational material about their disease(s)
    • Reflect on therapies that work and share with community
    • Be able to communicate / follow-up with health providers

    scc solutions

    • Actively track all dimensions of health
    • Relate to other disease journeys and share thru SCMVMT
    • Participate in validated studies and questionnaires and received finding
    • Build a circle of support to share health journey with them
    • Share health story with healthcare provider


    The Self Care Movement™

    • A community platform enabling patient acquisition, interaction, engagement, and relationship building to stimulate data acquisition.

    • It is founded on two philosophies - promotion of self-care and self-management behaviors, and community interaction where patients with similar diseases are enabled to dolearn, and share.


    Health Storylines™

    • Health Storylines is a customizable digital health app enabling the collection of patient health behavior data, and the delivery and validation of patient support and engagement interventions.
    • It enables patients to track their health, engage in behavior interventions, while contributing their data towards the generation of real world evidence.
    • The suite of Health Storylines apps are available for both iOS and Android on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


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