Do you work for a pharmaceutical company or biotech company?

Are you a Commercial Marketer looking for new and innovative ways to engage with patients? By leveraging our platform, you can tailor and deliver customized content and messages to patients to drive treatment adoption and brand switches.


Patient Recruitment

We will do the work for you by leveraging the Selfcare Movement, and our unprecedented access to patients.

• Access to over 3 000 000 patients through our partnerships

SELF CARE CATALYSTS USE CASE Recruitment of over 250 patients with a rare condition in under 2 weeks

Pharmaceutical sponsored project completed Spring 2017

Top Conditions 30,354 user conditions from 23,677 users


Community Building

Build your own patient community leveraging the Self Care Movement. A patient-centric community engaged through campaigns driven by research.

SELF CARE CATALYSTS USE CASE Using our community approach, we increased registrations by 150% and in app responses by 519% over a 2-month period. 


Marketing Communications

A novel media channel to deliver content, patient education and support materials. You decide the content we integrate it and market it to your target audience.

• Patient support material

• Product information

• Educational resources

• Self-management tools

SELF CARE CATALYSTS USE CASE Deployment of a customized patient education and awareness campaign achieving 120% increase in brand and content awareness in less than 3 months. 

Pharmaceutical sponsored project completed Spring 2017


Are you a Market Researcher looking to understand patients and the patient journey better?

Using our End-to-End Real World Evidence platform, you can access patients on demand, or as needed as frequently as you would like. You will gain access to de-identified and aggregated data from patients and remove the need to conduct ad hoc patient journey research, by leveraging longitudinal data. With access to our proprietary Social Media Analytics Tool, you will gain deeper insights into the experiences and behavior of digital patient.


Data Mining using Patient Storylines

Patient Insights (ADHD) Data from over 5,300 medication skip events logged on the ADHD Health Storylines app reveals that 34% of patients skip their medication because they felt it was “not needed”

Leverageable Opportunity Understanding the reasons for non-adherence provides real-world context to current sources of adherence data such as script and refill data. It enables manufacturers to develop more informed adherence programs and patient education to support patients in making the right decisions around their treatment.

“Not needed, too late.”

“It’s the weekend… I don’t need to think, concentrate or be level-headed because I am alone.”

“Because I can function without them”


Patient Quantitative Research

Compared to the 2014, in 2015 more patients reported inability to afford medications as the primary reason for treatment discontinuation.

SELF CARE CATALYSTS USE CASE Sequential annual patient quantitative research with >60% return rate showed changes in beliefs and behaviors.

Pharmaceutical sponsored project 2014 and 2015

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HS for Product Message Testing

Health Storylines™ direct access to patients allows you to quickly test product messages and content to refine your messaging:

Clarity and likeability is your content framed correctly for your target audience

Persuasiveness assess repeated message exposure on attitude and behavioral intention

Resonance of campaign with current daily life and concerns

SELF CARE CATALYSTS USE CASE We completed a 50 person multiple content age stratified concept testing for market leader in under 2 weeks.

Pharmaceutical sponsored project beginning 2016


Are you a Market Access, Health Economics and Outcomes Research, or Real World Evidence Executive looking for new ways to conduct patient outcomes research?

Our end-to-end integrated solution enables unlimited access to granular levels of the determinants of quality of life. Interested in conducting your own patient reported outcomes survey, with our access to patients and investigators we offer a more rapid and cost effective way of conducting this type research.


The Self-Care Movement

  • A community platform enabling patient acquisition, interaction, engagement, and relationship building to stimulate data acquisition.
  • It is founded on two philosophies - promotion of self-care and self-management behaviors, and community interaction where patients with similar diseases are enabled to dolearn, and share.
  • Health Storylines is a customizable digital health app enabling the collection of patient health behavior data, and the delivery and validation of patient support and engagement interventions.
  • It enables patients to track their health, engage in behavior interventions, while contributing their data towards the generation of real world evidence.
  • The suite of Health Storylines apps are available for both iOS and Android on theApple App Store and the Google Play Store.
  • An enterprise decision-making tool that enables decision makers such as biopharma marketers and market researchers, payers, and healthcare systems to generate disease-specific, patient level data (e.g. clinical, labs, genomics and  behavior data) in aggregated, anonymized format.
  • Helps to inform decision-making in product life-cycle management from drug development, commercialization, post-marketing, and validation of behavior-based interventions.

Provider Storylines™

  • Provider Storylines is a healthcare provider and clinical trialist app that enables personalized care coordination, data collection, monitoring for clinical research and development activities that require patient input and integration of clinical, medical, genomics data.

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