Self Care Catalysts Hosting Real World Evidence Digital Conference on Tuesday, October 30th starting 9 am EST

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On Tuesday, October 30th starting from 9 am EST, We’re pleased to assemble a team of experts and collaborators in advancing the understanding, collection and application of Real World Evidence.

Webinar Schedule

— 9:00 am Eastern Time Zone —

Opening Remarks: Patient is the Driver of Real World Evidence Generation

Grace Soyao - Founder & CEO, Self Care Catalysts


— 9:30 am Eastern Time Zone —

Integrating a customizable self-care platform into practice

Jared Adams - Chief Scientific Officer, Self Care Catalysts


— 10:00 am Eastern Time Zone — 

Sources and Applications for Patient Reported RWE

Renee Willmon - Manager, Behaviour Science, Self Care Catalysts


— 10:30am Eastern Time Zone — 

Meaningful Cancer Patient Empowerment

Bill Hrushesky - Chief Scientific Officer & Vice President for Innovation & New Product Development Oncology Analytics


— 11:00 am Eastern Time Zone —

Using Real-World Data at National Jewish Health

Elizabeth Kern & Pearlanne Zelarney

Elizabeth Kern, MD MS: Chief, Division of Medical, Behavioral and Community Health and Professor of Medicine, National Jewish Health

Pearlanne Zelarney, MS: Director, Research Informatics Services


 — 11:30 am Eastern Time Zone —

Assessing Quality of Life through a Mobile Application

David Ray & Jared Adams

David Ray - Director, HEOR at IPSEN Biopharmaceuticals

Jared Adams - Chief Science Officer, Self Care Catalysts


— 12:00 pm Eastern Time Zone — 

RWE at the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation: A "Rare" Perspective

Grace Goldstein - Chief Operating Officer, The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation, Inc.


— 1:30 pm Eastern Time Zone — 

Optimizing Medication Use and Patient Outcomes through Digital Health Implementation & Validation

Jon Easter - Director, Center for Medication Optimization at the Eshelman Graduate School of Pharmacy, University of North Carolina


— 2:00 pm Eastern Time Zone —

Value-Based Contracting

Eric Schultz - Former President & CEO at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care


— 2:30 pm Eastern Time Zone — 

Improving Population Health Using Self Care Catalyst Platform

Don Roosan - Assistant Professor of Administrative Sciences, Certificate Coordinator for Health Information Technology, Keck School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences


— 3:00 pm Eastern Time Zone — 

Patrice Guzman - Director, Programs & Patient Advocacy at Heart Failure Society of America


— 3:30 pm Eastern Time Zone — 

Closing remarks: Current and Future Value of Real World Evidence

Grace Soyao - Founder & CEO, Self Care Catalysts



Conference Abstract

Real World Evidence (RWE) is an emerging concept; however, it’s relevance and interpretation has grown exponentially in recent years.

There’s More to Simply Collecting RWE

Self Care Catalysts is at the forefront of a movement towards collecting, measuring and making sense of the complexity of healthcare through increasingly naturalistic approaches. We believe that orienting the interests of all healthcare stakeholders around the perspective and experience of patients can not only align the objectives of a complex system, but shape methods of data collection and measurement to inform solutions that are more likely to succeed in the real world, beyond the highly restricted and controlled environments of traditional clinical research.

Significance of Digital Health and Data within a Complex Healthcare Eco-System

Self Care Catalysts’ online conference will clarify the importance of RWE in decision-making across the continuum of care, and how to collect it responsibly and with as little bias as possible. We will share the principles that underly our disease-agnostic platform that is customizable to address specific condition-related needs, and how we co-developed it with inputs across the healthcare ecosystem by combining “high-tech” with “high-touch” personal patient engagement to be patient-centered and easy to use.

Neutrality and Impartiality of Patient Data

We will also discuss the importance of neutral and impartial data. By providing a “common ground” for health care providers, drug developers, commercial teams, payers and regulators to interpret, we believe we more accurately represent the experience of patients within the health care system, and mitigate the biases that can emerge when data collection tools are too disease or brand specific.

By bringing together stakeholders from across our ecosystem to share their perspectives on RWE, the conference will be a one-stop-shop to bring you or your organization up to speed on current thinking and best practices related to RWE through discussion, case studies and more. We are looking forward to your participation on October 30th!

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