New Patient Support Solution for Disease Self-Management from Self Care Catalysts & NeedyMeds


 For Immediate Release: 09/28/2017


Grace Castillo - Soyao // Founder & CEO

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The NeedyMeds Storylines mobile app helps people improve their disease management and find resources on affordable healthcare

TORONTO, ON - Self Care Catalysts announces its newest self-care mobile app in partnership with NeedyMeds, created to support patients not only in their disease self-management, but also providing instant access to information on assistance programs to help them afford their medications and other healthcare costs.

In the recent climate where healthcare affordability remains a topic of uncertainty, the need for assistance navigating healthcare expenditures will continue to rise. NeedyMeds provides a unique service by keeping an up-to-date database of healthcare programs and patient assistance programs from pharmaceutical companies, all designed to make care and treatment more affordable and accessible to patients. The information now will be made available through the NeedyMeds Health Storylines app, which allows patients to access this information directly on their mobile devices, through an app that also acts as their self-care companion.

“At Self Care Catalysts, we speak with patients every day who are struggling with the rising costs of health care. With the recent discussions around healthcare reform, their future seems at risk,” says Grace Castillo-Soyao, Founder & CEO of Self Care Catalysts. “NeedyMeds plays a critical role in supporting patients on all matters of healthcare affordability, and the information resource they provide is an important addition to our Health Storylines platform.”

Aside from providing access to information on healthcare programs and financial assistance, NeedyMeds Storylines is designed with a range of self-care tools courtesy of the Health Storylines platform. This enables patients diagnosed with chronic health conditions to better engage with self-care activities. The health tools included in the app make self-management easier by allowing patients to track and visualize patterns around their disease.

On top of their daily tracking, the NeedyMeds Storylines app allows patients to sync with other health apps and devices such as Fitbit®, and connected blood glucose and blood pressure monitors. The app creates a summary of the user’s health on a feature called “My Storylines”, using user inputs to create greater self-awareness of their disease, thus driving better healthcare outcomes and more informed conversations with their care team.

The Health Storylines app platform also allows patients to contribute their anonymized, de-identified health data to support important research in the clinical and healthcare sectors, through the generation of real world evidence.

“We are very excited to work with Self Care Catalysts to bring these tools to people with chronic diseases,” says Richard J. Sagall, MD, founder and president of NeedyMeds. “Combining the Self Care Catalyst tracking features with NeedyMeds information on assistance programs gives people a unique tool for managing their diseases.”

NeedyMeds Storylines is free for all users and is available on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play store in the US.


About NeedyMeds

NeedyMeds is a 501(c)(3) national non-profit information resource dedicated to helping people locate assistance programs to help them afford their medications and other healthcare costs. NeedyMeds educates and empowers those seeking affordable healthcare, by providing information on healthcare programs, offering direct assistance and facilitating programs.


About Self Care Catalysts

Self Care Catalysts is a patient solutions, intelligence, and analytics company deriving value from patient-centered real world evidence to inform product life cycle management and behavior change interventions. Their belief is that when patients are informed, respected, and engaged, they make better choices. Their mission is to promote self-care behaviors among patients, while enabling patients to contribute their behavioral data to support important research across the product lifecycle, such as drug discovery, precision medicine, and development of support services and programs that are specific to the community.

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Rich Sagall, MD // President




Grace Castillo-Soyao // Founder & CEO

Self Care Catalysts


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