In the real world, patients evolved and so did we...

Self Care Catalysts was born from our belief that patients will drive their health future and along with this, they will demand access, ownership and responsibility for their own health data, their day to day health decisions and ultimately, their health. All these are sources of powerful real world evidence that opens a window into their healthcare outcomes, a timeline of their health experiences and an imprint of their heath behaviour. 

Our company pioneered in understanding patient experiences and behaviour... in the reasons why behind the "what's". We wanted to unlock the "blackbox" of the "what's, whys and hows" of making healthcare decisions. While many digital healthcare start-ups focused on developing apps and other solutions, we were diligent and focused on digging through patient dataintelligence and applying analytics to uncover health behaviour insights. 

So, as patients evolved and began to use digital health tools, connected with their peers online, Self Care Catalysts journeyed alongside the patients to bring you their stories, in the real world, real time. While digital health tools, smart devices and solutions actively engage patients, we follow patients in their most natural environments to bring Real World Evidence by completing their full patient story. 

After all, if we really wanted to help transform healthcare, somebody needs to reveal the complete patient story, their motivations, their fears, reasons why they're not adherent to medications, the burden of their illness, impact of their treatment on their QoL. 

We're at peace with this choice... this route of deriving value by mapping their health behaviour so that we can enable patients claim their right to own and leverage their health data and on their behalf, build the real world evidence behind their health. .

To learn more about this transformation, we welcome you to discover more.