Patient Empowerment Platform "Health Storylines" From Self Care Catalysts Is Being Studied at Penn's Roberts Proton Therapy Center

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Researchers From Penn Medicine and Villanova University College of Nursing Are Studying the Usability of the Health Storylines Mobile Health App Platform in an Adult Radiation Oncology Population

TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired - September 21, 2016) - Patient intelligence health solution provider Self Care Catalysts today announced its health solution platform, Health Storylines, is being used in a small-scale study to examine its usability in an adult radiation oncology population. Investigators Susan Birkhoff, MSN, RN, PhD candidate and Robert Lustig, MD, FACR are spearheading the Health Storylines project with support from Self Care Catalysts Chief Medical Officer, Jared R. Adams, MD, PhD.

The overall aim of this study is to examine the usage and acceptability of a patient-facing mobile app platform in a sample of adult radiation therapy patients. There is a significant dearth of literature supporting the use of patient-facing smartphone mobile health apps in the adult radiation oncology population; thus, this study will be a first of its kind.

Health Storylines empowers the patient through the daily provision of bite-sized nuggets of information and support; engages and motivates the patient through customized health tools; and connects health allies (also known as the ‘circle of care’) through a networked messaging system.

“Ultimately, Patient Storylines strives to increase patient engagement and improve adherence by offering a window of insight for the patient into their own data and the interconnection of all the domains of daily living and psychological well-being,” says Grace Soyao, CEO and founder of Self Care Catalysts. “We are incredibly excited to work with the research team at Penn Medicine and Villanova University College of Nursing and to be involved in helping bring new interventions and innovative technologies in consumer-centric mobile health to the field of radiation oncology.”

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