Finding the Consumer Within the Patient: A Workshop to Build a Patient-Driven Business

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How do you find the consumer within the patient?

Are you looking to harness the patient clout? Want to leverage patient influence opportunities to drive your brand’s commercialization goals and to deliver better care and health outcomes?

Despite all the emerging activities and spending on patient-centered activities, the pharma industry is still at its infancy in leveraging patient opportunities to impact business results. Most companies lack understanding of the foundation, framework, performance metrics and impact of all activities around a patient strategy.

This workshop can help be your team’s guide to a more comprehensive strategy.

Finding the Consumer Within the Patient: A Workshop to Build a Patient-Driven Business

Grace Soyao, Founder & CEO of Self Care Catalysts, an award-winning patient solutions, intelligence and analytics company, together with leading patient engagement and HealthIT influencer Leonard Kish, are conducting customized workshops with pharma business units or brand teams to help uncover what it takes to develop a patient-driven strategy.

What you will learn

  1. Real-world insights based on your therapeutic area to help uncover patient behavior and decision-making process
  2. New sources of information in the patient ecosystem that are relevant to your business
  3. Actionable insights on patient acquisition, engagement, and relationship-building
  4. Design strategic elements necessary to build a patient-centered business model


Who is this workshop for

Marketing VPs, Marketing Directors, Product Managers, Brand Managers, Marketing Operations, Business Unit Directors, New Product Marketing, Global Marketing, Group Product Directors, Multichannel Marketing, Digital Marketing, External Stakeholder Relations Managers, Patient Relations Managers or Directors, Patient Support Program Managers or Directors

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