Self Care Catalysts Takes on Health Care Experts

CEO & Founder Grace Soyao Joins First HealthTO Expert Panel

July 20 - Toronto, ON - CEO & Founder Grace Soyao joined a panel of Toronto’s leading health and wellness innovators at the Loblaws Digital center to speak on The Future of Privacy and Security in Healthcare. Grace joined Aliya Ramji, Director of Legal & Business Strategy at Figure 1, Dustin Walper, CEO & Co-founder of Akira Medical, and Frank Wang, CEO & Founder of ResearchDB. The first event of its kind, HealthTO was created to foster a sense of community between local innovators and healthcare practitioners. In a time where patients know best what works for them, transparency becomes a key factor to facilitate peer to peer education through data sharing. Where discourse is too regulatory-driven, Grace Soyao argues that we are missing the point. Patients should be owning their data. It’s high time to shift the power back to receive the results that all healthcare stakeholders, including and especially patients, deserve to see.

Self Care Catalysts Collaborates With Patient Engagement Expert Leonard Kish

Self Care Catalysts, Inc., a Toronto and San Francisco-based company, has recently named digital health and patient engagement expert Leonard Kish as a Senior Advisor. Self Care Catalysts is working with Mr. Kish to develop the “science of self-care” to deliver better decision-making outcomes for patients, caregivers, and industry partners. The focus of this new science will the use of real world evidence in disease management through behavioral data and analytics.

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