Patient Spotlight

On June 25 2016, over 250 patient advocates came together to celebrate the greatness in the ordinary at the Self-Care Movement Summit. To celebrate shifting the power to the patients, the Self-Care Movement blog features the real-life challenges and celebrations of people living with chronic illnesses. The online platform gives patients a voice and the opportunity to connect with each other.

This week’s patient spotlight highlights the gaps in patient-HCP communications and its impact on diagnostic timelines. Kami shares her own struggle to obtain an official diagnosis and the skepticism she faced throughout her journey.

“I am not so naive to think that I am owed special treatment from you or any other physician. I do not believe I am better, or that my case is more important than any other of your patients. But I believe I am deserving of being heard and taken seriously.”

Read Kami’s Story Here: Self-Care Movement.