Who, What, and Why? Patient-Driven Content & Health Storylines

Newly diagnosed patients turn to online forums for answers to the questions that their HCPs do not answer. When creating targeted content, it’s necessary for the marketer to understand the patient’s information-seeking behaviour. This includes pinpointing specific and recurring questions that the patient community shares. The Health Storylines platform provides a tool wherein patients log questions to ask their HCP on their next visit. For instance, within the epilepsy patient population on the platform, some of the specific questions that are being asked include:

  • “Why am I having so many back to back seizures. I had a procedure done on my uterus and we lowered my meds could that have contributed to my seizures.”
  • “What long-term effects do my meds have on me?”
  • “What are causing the seizures and could it be related to my blood pressure?”
  • “How often do you see seizures intensify? How often do seizures escalate to tonic clonic? Can you stop tonic clonics?”

Narrowing down the concerns of patients is necessary to shaping patient education programs and the targeted content to push for optimal engagement.