A Weekend of Patient Advocacy and mHealth Therapies

mHealth and TPN Therapies - Patient Conference

June 4, 2016: TORONTO - Self Care Catalysts CEO & Founder Grace Soyao, accompanied by Business Development Associate Emma Harris, presented at the UHN TPN Patient Conference on the positive applications of self-care tool Health Storylines for TPN therapies and how it can be integrated to better their quality of life. The UHN patient conference brought together healthcare professionals and patients alike to connect and learn from each other. Through the introduction of Health Storylines, technology is presented as a medium in which self care can be delivered to patients and their caregivers. Patients are eager to connect, share, and learn from the stories of others, as apparent by the successful turnout.

BlueToNew Honours Patient Advocate

June 4, 2016: THORNHILL - Self Care Catalysts’ Yiwen Sim and Maria Lacambra attended the “Blue to New” Gala Fundraiser to honour the hard work and efforts of patient advocate Filomena Sirvidio-Italiano and surgical oncologist Dr. Shady Ashmalla. Event organizer and cancer survivor Marie Taurasi hopes to raise $100,000 with net proceeds going to the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada. Filomena currently serves as the director of education and clinical information for the CCAC. As a patient advocate, Filomena educates and connects patients to the resources, treatments, and healthcare professionals they need to best tackle their condition and its management. Both medical professionals and patients came together to celebrate the achievements of Sirvidio-Italiano and to raise awareness for colorectal cancer to encourage early testing. An estimated 25000 people will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer in Canada this year.


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