Clinical Support Features Desired and Used by Breast Cancer Patients

A qualitative evaluation was conducted by a team of researchers to assess the opinions of both patients and healthcare providers on the benefits of a supportive health app during breast cancer treatment. Patients were invited to adopt a supportive breast cancer app for a period of 6 months following initial diagnosis. Evaluations were conducted through individual interviews with patients and their medical team.

Inputs from 15 patients and 10 healthcare professionals revealed that supportive health apps create positive experiences for patients and their support team. Specifically 80% of patients found it particularly useful as a resource for information on breast cancer treatment. 93% of the 15 patients evaluated recording consultations with practitioners as very useful. Although not as popular in function, 53% of the patient population used symptom registration and of those 8, 4 patients found it useful. The recording function was highly regarded as useful by both patients and healthcare professionals.

Both patients and healthcare professionals demonstrated a positive reception of supportive health care apps to support their condition management, especially following an initial diagnosis as a resource for information and audio-recording/storing tool. Overall results of the study suggest the need to actively encourage patients to regularly log their symptoms in order to generate sufficient patient-reported app data for use in clinical practice and scientific research.