#SelfCareSpotlight - Taking Care of Me

When it comes to healthcare, it’s easy to forget that your own well-being should be top priority. However, it’s even easier to ignore the greatness in the seemingly ordinary accomplishments that we make every day. For patients living with a chronic illness, accomplishing daily activities may take a heroic amount of effort and often go unnoticed. According to a poll featuring the responses of over 400 registered users with chronic ailments on the Health Storylines platform, the vast majority want to experience great accomplishments in the ordinary and everyday things that they do and adopt a mentality that celebrates their extraordinary everyday achievements.

The rise of self-care in disease management comes as part of an emerging movement that puts patients at the forefront of their own care. Today’s patients are looking for a way to be heard and celebrated outside of the physiological and medical aspects of their journey. It’s not enough for patients to engage in activities that make them feel better. Patients want to share their stories in an effort to become empowered and change perspectives about chronic illnesses and the way we manage them.

The Self-Care Movement was developed to change the conversation. People with chronic illnesses are invited to share their stories and inspire fellow peers to change the way that chronic illness is perceived. Living with your condition does not mean you have to be limited by it. The patients of the Self-Care Movement are unashamed to let you know that they are ready to put their health first.