Self Care Catalysts and Epilepsy & The Brain

TORONTO, June 4 2016 - Yiwen, Manager of Patient Advocacy and Relationships from Self Care Catalysts has been invited to join a panel of healthcare professionals on technological advances in Epilepsy Management at the Epilepsy & the Brain: Pharmacology; Technology; Complementary Therapies; hosted by Epilepsy Toronto. Yiwen will be discussing the Health Storylines platform and its benefits in the context of epilepsy management and the utilization of real world data to drive patient insights and better self-care strategies. She will be joining Dr. Peter Carlen, Dr. Ron Gonzalez, and Alex and Eric Dolan on the panel who will be discussing technological advances that have contributed to the management of epilepsy in patients, including wearables and a seizure detection headset. The conference brings together experts from many fields to discuss new innovations in understanding how the brain works and how technology can complement this to improve the lives of people with epilepsy.

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