Beyond Being a Patient Who Takes Pills...

Self Care MVMT is the realization and execution of our vision to help shift the power of health to patients.  Finally, it is no longer about words and claims, it's genuinely honouring what we've heard from patients - a platform to express and learn about a more holistic approach to health and disease management... self care. 

In 2012, this blog by Leonard Kish triggered a sea change in how the Pharmaceutical industry started moving toward a new business model centered around the patient. Sachin Jain also explained this on his HBR  article on how Pharma can offer more than just pills.

I am offering some of the other dimensions of being a patient  based on our research and understanding of patient experience and behavior.

a. Patients desire to be enabled to exercise self-driven and systems-based total care. Patients are people who aspire to live normally but are pushed to adopt a "new normal". It's not just about taking a pill. In the course of these transitions, patients still need to look after physical, mental, social, spiritual and work-related activities that are often set aside because treatment, symptom and side-effects management take over. 

b. Patients want to hear and contribute meaningful messages or content based on real world patient behavior insights.  It's not as if patient education and communications materials are lacking but most content assume that all patients are the same or sometimes lacking in patient insight. Increasingly, as patients collect and own their health data from their day to day experiences, patients, along with their caregivers can eventually become content creators and contributors.

c. Patients love to connect with their community. Last June 27, we launched the 1st ever Self Care MVMT - an event where only patients are the speakers; where patients, caregivers and other healthcare professionals converged to share stories and learn in a positive community setting other approaches to manage chronic illness, beyond medical instructions.  As one attendee sail...

"I particularly liked the breadth of the agenda, informing patients on how there are many ways in which we can empower ourselves and live a rich and wholesome life." 

I think it's about time we move away from our belief that patients are merely recipients of care. Let's reframe our views about them... how about patients as contributors to healthcare transformation?