Patient Storylines: ADHD Patient Profiles

The top 3 ADHD medications logged by registered users on Health Storylines are: 1) Adderall, 2) Vyvanse, and 3) Concerta. Compared to men, female ADHD patients on Health Storylines are more likely to use Adderall (20% vs. 17%) over Vyvanse (16% vs. 18%) and Concerta (12% vs. 16%). Female ADHD patients between the ages 18 - 45 using the Health Storylines platform are the most active self-care trackers and represent over half of the registered ADHD patient population.

Patients within the 45 and under age bracket are more inclined to use mobile health technologies to engage with their disease management. In particular, ADHD patients on Health Storylines prioritize tracking of 1) their medication, 2) their daily moods, and 3) their daily symptoms. In this hyper-connected and technologically distracted world, the ADHD patient is the ideal target audience for a digital patient support program.

The Patient Storylines platform developed by Self-Care Catalysts allows researchers to dive into these numbers to gain deeper insights. Patient Storylines captures patient behaviour at home, at work, and in school. Aided by patient inputs on the Health Storylines app and patient conversations on social media, we are able to see the real-world struggles, accomplishments, issues and support needs of patients with ADHD, and many other conditions among more than 16,000 patients.