Evaluation of the Use of Home Blood Pressure Measurement Using Mobile Phone-Assisted Technology

A team of health researchers conducted a proof-of-principle study to determine the feasibility of home BP monitoring using mobile-phone assisted technology. Utilizing iVitality, a research platform, the study focused on three primary aspects to measure the efficacy of mobile phone-assisted technology in promoting adherence to measure BP at home over a 6-month period: 1) the association between study center and home BP measurements, 2) adherence to reminders on the mobile phone to perform home BP measurements and 3) referrals, treatment consequences, and BP reduction after a raised home BP was diagnosed.

The study included of 151 eligible participants, 66 of which were measured at a monthly and 88 at semi-monthly intervals. It was observed that participants who were measured semimonthly demonstrated better adherence over participants who were measured on a monthly basis. Participants were more likely to discontinue within the first few weeks of follow-up for both measurement protocols.