Self Care Catalysts hits the Patient Engagement Summit

Princeton, NJ: June 2016 - CEO & Founder Grace Soyao presented at the Patient Engagement Summit on June 21st to kick off the presentation series: “How to leverage the Patient’s Digital Life to Drive New Business Intelligence, Insights, and Decisions”. Using Health Storylines™ as a case-study, the presentation addressed the limitations of traditional market research tools and introduced a new closed-loop marketing, communications, and research platform that is suited to fit the needs of Pharma.

Self Care Catalysts was one of many presenters focusing on patient behaviour and engagement as it relates to Healthcare Consumerism. As the industry shifts from volume to value-based care models, patients are taking center stage in driving their healthcare outcomes. Stakeholders are recognizing the power of the patient voice and the necessity for personalization when it comes to their care.

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