Heart Failure Health Storylines ranked #1 in behavior change based on independent review from Columbia University.

In early 2016, Self Care Catalysts launched Heart Failure Health Storylines, to support people living with heart failure, and congestive heart failure (CHF). The app makes it easy for patients to track their symptoms, sodium intake, vital sign, moods, as well as sync with other apps such as FitBit and Jawbone. It also allows them to receive reminders on when to take their medications, which may help improve treatment adherence.

We are extremely honored to have been independently reviewed in a recent paper from Columbia University, School of Nursing, and New York-Presbyterian / Columbia University Medical Center, Division of Cardiology, assessing the functionalities of patient-facing mobile health apps targeted toward supporting heart failure symptom monitoring and self-care management.

Apps meeting inclusion criteria were evaluated using the Mobile Application Rating Scale (MARS), IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics functionality scores, and HFSA guidelines for nonpharmacologic management.

Of 3636 potentially relevant apps searched, 34 met inclusion criteria. Factoring MARS, functionality, and HFSA guideline scores, the Heart Failure Health Storylines app ranked as one of the highest performing apps, and had the highest score for behavior change.


No one is ever trained to know what to do when diagnosed with a new condition. We continue to leverage mobile technology to guide behaviour change, helping people to take control of their health and improve quality of life and health outcomes.