How to leverage the Patient's Digital Life to Drive New Business Intelligence, Insights, and Decisions

Are you answering all of your business questions with your current marketing and market research strategy? Self Care Catalysts CEO & Founder Grace Soyao presents a new series, ‘How to leverage the Patient’s Digital Life to Drive New Business Intelligence, Insights, and Decisions”. This series will highlight the value of real world, real time patient interaction, engagement and analytics, and demonstrate how to apply these insights to create business solutions.

Built to address the limitations of traditional market research tools and marketing solutions, Self Care Catalysts introduces a new closed-loop marketing, communications, and research platform catered to the needs of pharma. Health Storylines™ delivers personalized patient support, targeted communications and messaging while generating a wealth of patient informatics for market research and insight mining.

You will learn

  1. Patient experience with a self-care technology
  2. How to deliver more impactful support to a targeted base of patients
  3. Real world patient behaviour insights on brands, target population details, patient personas, adherence, persistency rates, emotional journey and more.


Grace Soyao kicks off the series on June 21, 2016 at the Patient Engagement Summit in Princeton. The series will also be presented at the Pharma Market Research Conference in Toronto, Ontario on June 22, 2016. Can’t make those dates? Self Care Catalysts will also be hosting a complimentary webinar on June 27th, 2016.

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