Symptom Tracking and Schizophrenia

An analysis of the digital behaviour of hundreds of adults with Schizophrenia using the Schizophrenia Health Storylines app reveals that the top 3 symptoms tracked by users are: 1) Hallucinations, 2) Delusions, and 3) Anxiety. Hallucinations often lead to lack of sleep and insomnia for people who experience them. Registered users on Schizophrenia Health Storylines may use Dialectical Behaviour Therapy to complement medication therapies in order to combat hallucinations and delusions, which may worsen at night.

Symptom identification and awareness is an essential component to developing patient engagement programs that work to better the health care of people diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Patient education campaigns can be developed to increase symptom awareness and encourage diagnostic testing to advocate for proper treatment. With the rise of mobile health technology, patient education campaigns can be implemented through digital health platforms that engage patients to take part in daily self-care activities.

The Patient Storylines platform developed by Self-Care Catalysts allows researchers to dive into these numbers and to gain deeper insights. Patient Storylines captures patient behaviour at home, at work, and in school. Aided by patient inputs on the Health Storylines app and patient conversations on social media, we are able to see the real-world struggles, accomplishments, issues and support needs of people diagnosed with schizophrenia, and many other conditions among thousands of patients.