Building Your Community Outside the Forum

Online communities play a big part in generating insights about the complexities of the patient journey including information about influencers and supporters, treatment decision-making, and dimensions of their quality of life. Connecting patients with their peers has never been this easy with the rise of digital communication channels such as online forums, blogs, and social media networks. But how do you connect patients outside of the blogosphere and IRL (in real life)? A poll released through the Health Storylines platform, from a pool of 400 patients, reveals that patients are interested in hearing about information on self-care. This includes a variety of topics ranging from mindfulness to engaging in physical activities. Patients on the Health Storylines platform are also interested to attend community events that address:

  1. Information around their treatment and medications
  2. Inspirational stories from other patients like me
  3. Funny stories with a purpose


Self Care Catalysts is proud to host a community event that appeals to the needs of patients with the inaugural kick-off of the Self-Care Movement Summit on June 27th, 2016 at the MaRS Discovery District. Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking event featuring Margaret Trudeau as our keynote speaker.