Blended Learning and Healthcare Innovation at Our Future Health

Nijmegen,the Netherlands, May 26 – The patient takes center stage at the Our Future Health Conference. Self Care Catalysts Founder & CEO Grace Soyao took part in the OFH Conference 2016 in Nijmegen, the first healthcare conference combining a physical and virtual worldwide conference focusing on sustainable health care practices and the #patientsincluded approach. As part of the Start-Up Fest Europe, OFH 2016 takes healthcare innovation to start-ups, using a patient-centric approach to drive sustainable – efficient, affordable, and accessible – solutions.

OFH speakers focused on channeling the patient voice to drive healthcare innovation in today’s landscape. The conference hosted 1200 guests including patients, healthcare professionals, researchers, technologists, start-up executives, and even musicians. Participants were encouraged to get out of their comfort zone and challenge what it takes to include patients in the future of health care. Presentations focused on the relationship between patients and their healthcare, emphasizing the need for connection, participation and partnership.

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