Enabling the Future of Self Care and Advocacy: We're at it!

Our team at Self Care Catalysts is pleased to announce that Self Care Catalysts has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the 2016 North American New Product Innovation Award for Patient Self-Care and Advocacy Solutions.

In 2010, when I founded Self Care Catalysts, our purpose was primarily to understand the patient experience through research so that we can better inform the pharmaceutical industry on the healthcare consumer’s experience and decision conflicts. However, I recognized the emerging need for patient digital solutions and more data on real world patient behavior, so we underwent a radical transformation in 2013 to become a patient digital solutions, intelligence and analytics company. It is definitely an honor to be recognized as a leader in this space in less than three years since we built our technology. In the last quarter of 2015, we officially commercialized Health Storylines and Patient Storylines. 

Through the combined capabilities of both our Health Storylines™ and Patient Storylines™ platforms, we not only empower patients to monitor, track their daily health experiences and build their health stories through self-care, but also facilitates the study of patient behavior, engagement, and outcomes, which are all considered critical in the context of patient self-care and advocacy for healthcare and life sciences companies. 

"Self Care Catalysts' patient-first approach has enabled it to create a niche segment within the North American patient analytics industry. The company’s strategy to study patient behavior and generate patient journey data through various episodes of the treatment process clearly differentiates it from the rest of the competition.”

Click here to read the best practices report from Frost & Sullivan, which identifies the importance of having a patient-centric solution that comes with the functionalities of intelligence and analytics to serve the double purpose of patient collaboration and care innovation, and how our product portfolio provides that advantage.

On behalf of the entire Self Care Catalysts team, we are grateful to our investors, our advisors, our early customers and most importantly the patients who kept their faith in the company.  This is an enormous honour that will continuously inspire us to keep the innovation fire going. 

To my team at Self Care Catalysts,  thank you for sticking out to experience the Hard thing About Hard Things, all the Right Kind of Craziness and continuing to work on The Last Mile.  It was certainly fun to read these books and experience them at the same time...