When Ideas Come to Life

I began forming the idea behind "Self Care" when most people in the industry thought that we, patients would not have enough willpower to make healthcare demands. Achieving better health status is the ultimate destination for most of us but self care is the influenceable behaviour. But impacting health behaviour is one of the most difficult things to do. 

So, we didn't venture in the business of health behaviour change at the outset; rather, we formed our business around the "what's, why's and how's " of health behaviour. We needed to understand first. 

We listen, we participate, we contribute to research, conversations and initiatives of our customers, patients, healthcare providers and partners. Most importantly, every single member of Self Care Catalysts has a personal connection and motivation to help build and grow Health Storylines and Patient Storylines. We don't just generate ideas; we work hard to give life to them. 

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