Engineering our Way to Impact Health Behavior

I am not an Engineer by education or training but after more than 2 years of working with Software Engineers to transform our company, I'm a convert and I love the discipline. As CEO of a digital solutions and analytics company, I needed to understand what we're building and how. I immersed myself into their world; pouring over Engineering/Technology blogs to understand the mindset and behaviour; I discovered the power of having an "engineering brain". Here are the top reasons why I've started integrating an "engineering" mindset in our company to drive results.

Problem Solution Orientation

We need to solve problems of patients and our enterprise customers. Often, these problems are not defined very well but our Engineers find a way to tease them apart like pulling fishbones away from the flesh,  paving the way to a new feature solution.

Extreme Focus

Coding requires extreme focus. Transforming code to granular features that will help shape and influence behaviour is not an easy feat but they make it happen. 

Practice Creative Reconstruction

Health behaviour is sometimes broken... it's not easy to remember medication when you have to take more than 10, it's hard to manage feelings when you deal with multiple setbacks, it's a challenge to keep hoping when you're constantly reminded that your illness could come back.  Software Engineers use the powerful combination of logic and art to impact behavior. 

Accelerated Results are Driven by Rigorous Process

Every 2 weeks, they bring excitement to the entire team finding a way to introduce new self care behaviours, that even patients can't help but express their happiness with new tools that are introduced.

Use Validation and Measurement to Provide Proof

Engineers are naturally inclined to think mathematically so  we use our data to educate, inform, change decisions, course correct and help celebrate success.

Health Storylines users are just too happy to say these... (All quotes are real and patients offered to share these.)

"Im so thankful for the developers of this app I initially blogged when I first got cancer and I stopped this is great therapy and I can go back and see what my feelings are through my journey"

"I think the tool looks amazing and I will be using it to 'fix my life' :)

We're adopting various Engineering disciplines and principles into various aspects of our business such as Sales, Commercialization, Operations and Marketing. We recognize you cannot take shortcuts in healthcare, so as we scale and strive to accomplish our mission to catalyze self care, we look to different disciplines to learn and then adopt them fast.

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