2016: A Year in Review for Self Care Catalysts

Putting patients first is almost always a given in the agendas of healthcare stakeholders. After all, healthcare is about patients. This is what we now know as "patient-centricity."

Since pivoting into a health intelligence, analytics and insights company powered by digital health, we honed in to the key finding crucial to our success – patients are open to driving their own health.

Of any stakeholder in the healthcare space, patients are the emerging leaders in advocating for better care, effective treatments, accessible resources and peer support, and more importantly – to own their health data.

Our business was built on the premise that by understanding human health behavior, we are empowering healthcare businesses and institutions with data and insights. We believe that an informed patient is an engaged patient who can facilitate better patient-physician conversations and ultimately better health outcomes.

More remarkably, we have learned that patients want ownership of their health data as much as they want to share it in order to drive research and generate a widespread awareness for their condition. Optimizing this delivery means providing the privacy and transparency that patients need and deserve. In the journey to disrupt a traditional and outdated system, the application of blockchain technologies in the healthcare space stands to be the rational subsequent step. With the support of our new partners YouBase and MedChart, we hope to take on this endeavor together

As of today, 28,000 people living with chronic conditions use Health Storylines, not only as a self-care tool, but as an inclusive platform to voice their stories to the community and their loved ones.

Today, our understanding of patients has far surpassed their clinical personas. Equipped with over 600,000 data points, de-identified and aggregated through Patient Storylines, our enterprise platform, we are able to depict a more intimate picture of patient lives and map the behavioural needs of a patient.

In the infancy of our company, I began to question the static nature of the industry and its incompatibility with the emergence of the digital patient. Instead of simply being recipients of care, patients would become active stakeholders in disease education and personalized interventions. As of today, I can proudly say that we are working to make this a reality through the facilitation and promotion of data ownership and analysis at a time where the value of health behaviour has finally come to light.

2016 has been a year of unpredictability and challenge. I applaud my team for taking each day with an unrivalled diligence to make our vision a reality. As the year ends, we at Self Care Catalysts can only be grateful to continue to support our cause.

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