Compensated Research Opportunity: Calling All GCA Patients

Self Care Catalysts, a patient research and solutions company based in Toronto, is conducting a study on patient and caregiver experiences in the field of Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA), also known as Temporal Arteritis. The research will focus on the patient’s journey with Giant Cell Arteritis, aspects of daily living from diagnosis through disease management to support patients better.

We would like to invite your online community to share their experiences as a patient through a phone interview with one of our patient advocates through: * 60-minute interview * For scheduling at the end of October (We will coordinate a day and time that works best for you) * Confidential phone interview * A compensation of $200 will be given for your time

The interview is completely confidential and your identity will not be revealed. All of the results will be aggregated with other interviews.

If you are interested in participating, kindly contact Maria at or call toll-free at 1-844-475-4637 to book your preferred day and time.

Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail for further information.

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