Patient-centricity can only happen if you have intimate understanding of patients...

Real World Patient Behavior Intelligence & Analytics

Hilton Parsippany, Parsippany, NJ

There are many complex factors that impact the patient journey as well as treatment adherence. Traditional market research tools have limitations in understanding how patients navigate their disease and treatments outside of clinical and pharmacy environments. Learn more about how real world, real time patient behavior analytics and insights are captured through Self Care Catalysts’ Health Storylines Patient Support and Market Research platforms. The closed-loop marketing and research platform creates a powerful channel for pharma to deliver, validate, and test targeted communications and messaging and generate a wealth of patient informatics for market research and insight mining.

Three things you will get out of this breakfast workshop: 

  1. How to deliver, validate, and test more impactful support to a targeted base of patients 
  2. Real world patient behavior insights on brands, target population details, patient personas, adherence and persistency rates, emotional journey and more
  3. Patient experience with a self care technology

See you there! 

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