Rethink: Healthcare Disappointments

Our years of research and intelligence at Self Care Catalysts is enabling us to rethink some established perspectives on healthcare, particularly understanding the reasons why, in general, patients are dissatisfied with physician's lack of time, attention and care for them. To a certain extent, we can boil it down to misalignment between patient expectations and physician capabilities.  In healthcare, this relationship must thrive for the long term and isolating impediments could cushion some of our disappointments in healthcare.

We think that healthcare consumers and patients are expecting too much from physicians? 

Physicians' training and goals however, are focused mostly on diagnosing and treating the patient. These are years of honing their capabilities to solve medical problems, being equipped with the latest treatment modalities, listening to key opinion leaders and more. 

The problem is that patients' aspirations go beyond being diagnosed, treated, managed and cured. Patients bring along their day to day challenges with symptoms, their emotional ups and downs, their fears about the uncertainty of treatments, hopes that they could go back to work and many issues that intertwine with being ill as they enter the clinician's office. 

Many healthcare systems have introduced the "Team-Driven Care", employing other health care providers to fill gaps on patient education, navigation, mental health counselling.  But patients' beliefs and expectations from physicians on being able to provide a more holistic care remains significant. 

These are two parties trying to build a thriving relationship to get to the same destination - better health outcomes. It seems though that other alternatives are needed to establish the right expectations from each other because the current realities seem flawed. 

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