Uniting Gender Power

At Self Care Catalysts, I am privileged to work with both women and men who demonstrate unique abilities that complement each other. Leaders will benefit from harnessing the power of individual gender differences, finding opportunities where skills, interests and passion sometimes collide but surprisingly end up boosting each other. 

An excerpt from: http://ow.ly/TP63Z


Inside the surprisingly sexist world of artificial intelligence

Fewer women are pursuing careers in artificial intelligence because the field tends to de-emphasize humanistic goals.
Over the course of desJardins’ multi-decade career, she’s noticed that artificial intelligence research has drifted from a focus on how the technology can improve people’s lives.
“I was at a presentation recently where we were talking about the types of goals that people have for their careers,” she says. “There’s a difference between agentic goals, which have to do with your personal goals and your desire to be intellectually challenged, and communal goals, which involve working with other people and solving problems.”

In general, many women are driven by the desire to do work that benefits their communities, desJardins says. Men tend to be more interested in questions about algorithms and mathematical properties. Since men have come to dominate AI, she says, “research has become very narrowly focused on solving technical problems and not on the big questions.”

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