​San Diego, CA – Veterans Prostate Cancer Awareness (VPCa) today announced it has partnered with Self-Care Catalysts (SCC) to develop a holistic patient journey digital platform for patients with prostate cancer. “Today, there are over 500,000 Veterans with prostate cancer in the Veterans Healthcare Administration system, over 16,000 of those are fighting a metastatic form of the disease. VPCa’s goal of educating Veterans on the need for early screening, proper care, and treatment alternatives led to the realization of a need for a comprehensive software platform containing all the components of prostate care. We are pleased to partner with Self Care Catalysts to address this need," stated Mike "Bing" Crosby, Founder and CEO of VPCa.

“We co-developed the Prostate Cancer Health Storylines Platform with Veterans Prostate Cancer Awareness to enable remote patient monitoring and generation of real-world evidence to help improve diagnostics, treatment, and care decisions that lead to early diagnosis, better treatments, and patient outcomes among Veteran Prostate Cancer patients”, stated Grace Almendras-Castillo, Founder & CEO of Self-Care Catalysts.

The patient-facing app, Prostate Cancer Health Storylines, provides users with the necessary tools that support them throughout their journey from prevention, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, all the way to palliative care. These include Erectile Dysfunction, Pain, Urine and Bowel Incontinence Trackers, PSA Level log, as well as other tools such as Medication, Daily Vitals, and Mood Tracker. The app also gives them access to a library of vetted educational resources that are relevant to their specific prostate cancer disease stage, and more than 70 health tools to help track other comorbid conditions. Furthermore, the app provides prostate cancer patients with tools to access clinical trials that match their unique condition.  The Prostate Cancer Health Storylines app is available for free via the App Store and Google Play Store; there is a web version of the app as well.

The administrator dashboard, Health Storylines Creator, enables physicians, nurse practitioners, research assistants, and other healthcare professionals to provide appropriate patient education and intervention at each stage of the patient journey. It also serves as a researcher’s tool to connect with patients and conduct polycation, real-world evidence research which support clinical trials, in addition to other longitudinal patient journey studies.

About Veterans Prostate Cancer Awareness
Veterans Prostate Cancer Awareness (VPCa) is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives by promoting prostate cancer awareness, education, and solutions among the Veteran population and active-duty military members. VPCa is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization formed in December 2016 through the founder’s personal journey with prostate cancer and his experience with the Phoenix VHA Medical Center in 2014 and 2015.

About Self-Care Catalysts
Self Care Catalysts puts patients at the center and intersection of human networks, technology, and science with a platform called Health Storylines; a disease-agnostic and customizable platform that connects healthcare stakeholders to engaged patients, generating real-world data that they require to make informed decisions. The Health Storylines platform enables delivery of holistic care, research, and behavior intervention by always putting the patient first, allowing patients to take control of their journey, connecting them with the often-siloed healthcare ecosystem, building and earning their trust, and honoring healthcare neutrality.

The partnership is announced in conjunction with the Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in September, which aligns with both companies’ goals of raising awareness, increasing educational resources, and providing access to treatment and clinical trials. Both companies will be participating in the American Urological Association 2021 Annual Meeting, where they will be showcasing the Prostate Cancer Health Storylines platform and providing one-on-one demos. This partnership will result in the ability to reach more patients and provide the best experience and treatment options for prostate cancer care.


Mike “Bing” Crosby, CDR USN ret.
Founder and CEO of Veterans Prostate Cancer Awareness Inc.
888-889-VPCa (8722)

Grace Almendras-Castillo
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Self Care Catalysts