What We Do

Self Care Catalysts is a patient solutions, intelligence and analytics company that enables healthcare innovation. We are committed to advocating for patients and consumers when it comes to healthcare decisions.

Our belief is that when patients are informed, respected, and engaged, they make better choices. Better choices mean better health outcomes.

Our mission is to build innovative, patient-centered, and technology-driven self-care solutions that complement medical modalities that will enable patients to continue managing their care outside of the clinical setting, with or without the support of healthcare professionals.

The Self Care Catalysts product and service portfolio are designed to provide patient-centric solutions, real world evidence, intelligence and insights to support business decisions across the product lifecycle.

Our Belief


Today, patients are starting to amass their own health information “treasury” due to proliferation of wearable devices and growing interest in understanding who they are - especially when they are sick.


The practice of paternalistic medicine has unfortunately relegated the patients to recipients of care. However, as patients gain access to more health and treatment information, they are being equipped to become real advocates of their own health.


The creation of patient-generated health behavior information will spell the difference between solutions created inside the clinical setting and those where patients took an active role in designing the intervention. The empowered patient will provide a more holistic platform to deliver true personalized healthcare.

Our Philosophy on Sharing Health Stories

Self Care Catalysts helps make sense of the stories behind patients and healthcare consumers. Our Health Storylinestm platform brings together the stories of different patients by allowing them to individually track and chronicle their daily lived experience with their health condition. These stories are aggregated and de-identified on our Patient Storylinestm analytics platform, and the insights are used towards informing relevant healthcare stakeholders on the real world experiences of patients, and the type of support programs can be developed to match their specific needs.

By sharing your health story with us, we believe that valuable insights will be collected, and shared with the healthcare industry so that steps can be taken to ensure that every patient's story is always at the forefront when solutions are developed for them.

Our Vision


We help shift the power of health to patients. Our belief is that when patients are informed, respected, and engaged, they make better choices. Better choices mean better health outcomes.


We understand that their lives don’t just revolve around illness. Illness management and recovery happens outside the clinical setting – in their homes, their work places, etc. Self Care is a big part of it and we strive to put patients at the centre of them all. We think, challenge, drive, create and innovate for patients.


We set a high bar for everything we do. We push ourselves by learning new things, engaging in creative debates and going beyond better. There are no boundaries to surpass goals and exceed expectations.


To thrive at Self Care Catalysts, one needs to embrace our purpose for patients and be open to change, where everyone is holding each other accountable. We take our jobs and function very seriously.


Real team work begins when individual passions are encouraged and diversity is celebrated. The collision enables a helping culture that drives excellent results.


Hitting milestones are great, achieving breakthroughs, even better. Proof of our success is when we drive value creation for patients, customers and investors.

Our Team

Grace Soyao, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Grace Soyao is leveraging her more than 20 years of commercial marketing and strategy experience from major Pharmaceutical and Consumer Packaged Goods companies to lead, mentor and drive a high-performing team of Software Engineers, Scientists, Health Researchers, Commercial Marketers and Patient Advocates. She creates a highly challenging but inspiring environment that fosters a culture of entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and commercialization of patient and healthcare enterprise solutions, analytics and intelligence platform.

Grace believes that ultimately, patients will significantly change and advance the way that healthcare (which include diagnosis, drug development, treatment solutions, care fulfillment and healthcare economics) will be delivered and consumed.

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Andrei Dinin, Chief Technology Officer

Andrei comes from software development and consulting background. He has led projects with client from many industry during his tenure at Xtreme Labs and with Pivotal (after Pivotal acquired Xtreme Labs). Andrei has been involved in few startups in different capacities. Andrei is a graduate of University of Waterloo's Computer Science program.

Andrei believes that most solutions have to have strong human factors incorporated in order to be effective.

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Bob Waite, Senior Vice President

Bob is a mechanical engineer and an experienced commercial marketing expert who worked in various multinational pharmaceutical, OTC, and nutrition organizations for over 20 years. Bob’s deep experience in marketing has also led him to drive operations, financial management and leadership at Self Care Catalysts.

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Naomi Martin, MD, MBA, Chief Commercial Officer

Naomi Martin brings more than 15 years of senior level commercial marketing, strategy and consulting experience from the Pharmaceutical Industry and other healthcare institutions. With her solid medical, business and global health policy background she brings an in-depth understanding of the needs of the various stakeholders in healthcare and an eye for finding commercial opportunities for health technology to serve patients and their healthcare providers.

Naomi believes that healthcare decisions must be made by well-informed and empowered stakeholders who consider patients' welfare first and foremost , and hopes to develop relevant tools and solutions to address health inequities across the globe.

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Jared R. Adams, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer

Jared is a physician, health policy doctorate, and computer programmer. Throughout his academic career at Yale, Dartmouth, and UCSF, Jared has worked to solve problems around patient-provider communication, engagement, and informed medical decision-making.

"The goal is to turn data into information, information into insight, insight into action."

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Andrew Levy, PhD, Manager, Patient Partnerships & Engagement

Over the course of his career Andrew has always been driven by data and results. He capitalizes on these skills by developing insights and metrics to build and test strategy. Andrew is passionate about health and health technology and enjoys continually learning about these rapidly evolving fields. The future of healthcare is not solely about technology, as patients are now beginning to make great strides in empowerment and engagement. When technology and patient engagement work together we will see the greatest advances in healthcare.

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Yiwen Sim, Product Manager

Yiwen leverages her experience in pharma and patient market research to ensure that product development goals are driven by a deep understanding of user and buyer personas. She uses her knowledge to articulate customer and industry needs, and translates them into meaningful product requirements by working closely with an amazing team of software engineers, product designers, executive leadership, and subject matter experts. She is responsible for product management, marketing, and launch programs for Health Storylines.

Yiwen believes that technology designed to fit into the narrative of patient behavior can be successful in changing the way health is managed, and the way health information is consumed.

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John Li, Senior Engineer

John enjoys realizing technical solutions to problems in health care. His experience includes work at the University Health Network as a software developer for web-based health applications. He's also an MSc. Computing grad from Queen's University where his thesis specialized in developing a navigation system for arthroscopic knee surgery.

John believes he can improve all aspects of health care through harnessing advances in technology.

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Martin Holmes, Associate Product Manager

Martin is a biomedical engineer with expertise in the areas of medication adherence, data analytics and clinical trials. He recently completed a PhD at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. With Self Care Catalysts, Martin is responsible for product planning and execution of the Patient Storylines™ data analytics platform.

Martin believes that data can be used to improve patients health outcomes and to create better solutions for patients.

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Keven Pogrzeba, Quality Assurance Engineer, B.Eng, EIT

Keven has a keen interest in testing and developing software that will improve peoples lives, especially in Healthcare. He holds public safety as paramount and always works to protect the interests of patients, carers, health care providers and institutions. His experience includes automation QA for the Manitoba Health and Manitoba Bluecross Claims processing systems. Keven has a degree in Computer Engineering from Ryerson Univeristy, Toronto.

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Diane Miller, Qualitative Researcher

has a uniquely natural connection to people. She connects with people like no other whether in a professional manner or in her community service commitments.

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Advisory Board

Leonard Kish, MBA/MSIS, MS
Senior Advisor
Leonard ranked #14 out of Top 50 Health IT influencers, and is laser-focused on building an individual-centric (not institution-centric) health system. He is a digital strategist, writer, consultant and entrepreneur specializing in digital health, and a one-time neuroscience researcher studying the neuronal network effects of Parkinson's disease. He is working to help individuals and organizations manage this shift through writing, consulting, speaking, filmmaking and building new organizations.

Mahendra Kumar, is a strong technical leader with very hands-on technical and architectural ability. He has a strong track record of consistently delivering enterprise software products from inception, R&D, development to wide scale deployment. He has deep knowledge and expertise in J2EE, Hadoop and Spark ecosystem, and familiarity with spark based machine learning algorithms such as linear regression and k-means clustering. Mahendra has presented at BI warehousing and analytics conference and demoed at Oracle open world.

Mark Lennox, has a successful track record of leading and growing highly skilled technical teams inside small growing organization, pushing the technology envelope to solve big problems in the most effective way. He spent most of his career working for startups he co-founded, 2 of which led to successful acquisition events. Despite being a technology guy, he has also spent time wearing all sorts of hats within the companies he helped start and grow. He specializes in cloud-based web application development, smartphone application development, software design and architecture, technical mentoring and leadership.

Bill Mohri, MBA, is a Strategy Consultant and Board Advisor to multiple Tier 1 companies. Currently, Bill is an Advisor to several, successful health app and direct to consumer technology companies, helping them with go-to-market strategies and VC and Private Equity negotiations.

Previously, Bill was the head of Microsoft Canada’s Strategy and Partnerships group where he served on the Leadership Team, guiding the growth of the Canadian Division. Additional Bill worked with MSN International from London England, was a Director at Deloitte Consulting, and held several senior brand leadership roles at Kraft and at Coca Cola. Bill won the global Superior Achievement award while a Senior Brand Manager at Kraft. His deep, foundational strategic and operational training informs his advice and consulting work for health and technology companies trying to successfully connect directly with consumers to grow their brand and their business. Bill is a Board Advisor to Self Care Catalysts and an Advisor to Amgine Technologies, Vital Signs, and to Temperature Technologies. He has his BA and MBA from the University of Toronto.

Ryan Pierce, MS, MBA, advises entrepreneurs on strategy, funding, and product design, leveraging experience at De Novo Ventures and several medtech companies. An inventor on over 20 issued US patents, he has designed FDA-cleared devices to treat stroke and sleep apnea. Ryan teaches Medical Device Innovation at Stanford, and earned degrees at MIT, Stanford, and Harvard Business School.

W. "R.P." Raghupathi, MBA, LL.M, PhD, is Founding director of Fordham's Center for Digital Transformation, created in 2011 to explore how technology can improve the way we live by promoting growth, raising the standard of living and bringing people out of poverty. In addition to his teaching and research, Professor Raghupathi is co-editor for North America of the International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics and a senior editorial review board member of the International Journal of Information Technologies and Systems Approach. He has published more than 40 journal articles.

Homero Rivas, M.D., M.B.A., F.A.C.S. , is the Innovative Surgery Director at the Medicine School of Stanford University and an organizer of the Mobile Health Without Borders Course, a free online course from Stanford University.

Pallav Sharda, MD, MA, MBA, Medical Informaticist, is a physician informaticist who worked at GE Healthcare. From there he transitioned to Kaiser Permanente as their Director for Advanced Analytics and Medical Informatics, and later on as Director of Product at UnitedHealth Group. Most recently he spent time as Health IT Interoperability Director at Omnicell. Pallav’s special interests focus on implementation and engineering of EHRs, interoperability, analytics, population health and clinical decision support. He received his MBA from Northwestern University, Masters in Medical Informatics from Columbia University and a Bachelor of medicine and surgery (MBBS) from Delhi University.

Winnie Wan, PhD, MBA, has extensive experience in launching and building life science companies and has successfully commercialized disruptive technologies that resulted in successful exits, She received her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Yale University, M.B.A. from Columbia University, and post-doctoral training in cell biology at Rockefeller University.

Whitney P., Epilepsy Advocate, is a blogger and patient advocate for those living with epilepsy. Diagnosed with epilepsy as an infant, Whitney decided to make it her life's mission to help others affected. Providing support and encouragement to all.

Holly T., Carcinoid NETs Advocate, is 58 years old, married with two grown sons. She works for a nonprofit and enjoy providing for the needs of children and their parents. She has worked with children ages zero through junior high, and enjoys volunteering and spending time with friends and family. She is a two-year breast cancer survivor and has carcinoid tumors in her right lung and left, as well as NETs in other areas. She is interested in lending support to others by talking on the phone and in-person.